You Need to Take Steps to Prevent Damaging Your Traditional Braces

The traditional braces represent a significant investment in correcting the alignment of your teeth. With regularly scheduled adjustments tension will be applied to the components and the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth to move them closer to their ideal alignment in your mouth. Throughout the process you will need to take proactive steps to… Read more »

Athletics and Orthodontics

If you are involved in playing sports but will be receiving braces soon, we are happy to answer any questions to ensure you are comfortable and confident about your orthodontic gear while participating in sports. Below we answer a few FAQs about athletics and orthodontics to help you avoid damaging your orthodontic gear. Can I… Read more »

All-Ages Orthodontics for Every Dream Smile

If you have been wondering how to improve the alignment of your jaws and teeth so that you can have a more functional and attractive smile, we are pleased to offer orthodontics. These custom-made dental appliances can greatly improve the alignment of your teeth so that you can have a smile that is healthy and… Read more »

Caring for Clear Aligners

With Invisalign® clear aligners, you can conveniently achieve your dream smile, but it’s important to keep these aligners in great shape with proper care so that they improve your smile without increasing your risk of oral health problems. We are pleased to offer helpful tips on protecting your clear aligners and teeth with proper hygiene… Read more »

These Three Treats are Harmful to Braces

If you are planning on undergoing orthodontic treatment in order to improve the health of your smile, it’s important to maintain your orthodontic appliance to keep it hygienic and strong. Despite their strength when shifting your teeth, braces can be damaged by sticky and hard foods, which should be avoided during your treatment. We encourage… Read more »

Cleaning Your Braces

The addition of orthodontics hardware to your mouth can make it difficult to keep everything clean. The extra hardware provides extra surface area for food debris, plaque, and acids to sit on your teeth and gums and to create problems for your mouth. The bacteria in your mouth find crevices to hide in and around… Read more »

Orthodontic Aligners: Common Questions Asked

If you have questions about orthodontic aligners, then our orthodontist, Dr. , is here to help you find the answers. The more you know about aligners, the better! In fact, knowing the answers to your questions helps ensure it’s the right treatment for you and your smile. To help you, our orthodontist is happy to… Read more »

You Still Need to Brush With Braces

Looking at that mouthful of metal, you may be wondering how you are going to eat, and how you can make your smile a little less conspicuous. The last thing you may be thinking about is how to brush your teeth with your new dental work. But, braces give food particles and plaque even more… Read more »

Different Styles of Braces Can Correct Your Child’s Teeth

Adolescence can be an awkward and confusing time for many individuals. This discomfort can also be compounded if your son or daughter has misaligned or significantly gapped permanent teeth. Alignment issues can range in severity and source. Common causes might include the loss of one or more primary teeth, genetic factors, or a facial trauma… Read more »

How to Help Your Clear Aligners Stay in Good Condition

If you are unfamiliar with the InvisalignⓇ system, it is a brand of removable clear aligners designed for for patients who desire discreet orthodontic treatment. These durable and virtually invisible aligners are hard to see for the casual observer as long as you keep your aligners clean. During your orthodontic consultation, our and team for… Read more »